Since its inception, Jubilee has received over 30 awards, both local and national, in recognition of its outstanding achievements and service to the community. Some of those awards include:

  • Presidents Award for Jubilee’s Executive Director, Sterling Wilder, from the Lynchburg NAACP for his community leadership – 2016
  • USA Weekend 2004 Make a Difference Day National Award
  • Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award, 2001
  • Oprah’s Angel Network Use Your Life Award, November 2000
  • USA Weekend 1999 Make a Difference Day State Award


YES (Youth Educational Support) Program Student Achievements – 2019/2020

  • 100% of students completed their homework during tutoring sessions.
  • 43,200 hours of tutoring were provided to Jubilee’s children.
  • All students requiring remedial assistance in subjects (those who earned grades lower than “C”) completed additional assignments (required to participate in recreational activities).
  • An average of 24 Jubilee students achieved Honor Roll each grading period.
  • 624 books were given to Jubilee’s children.
  • 117 students participated in Jubilee’s Career Exploratory Camp.
  • 100% of students were promoted to the next grade level.
  • 85 students attended the Spring Break College Field Trip.
  • 99% of graduating seniors from the YES program enrolled in higher education, including trade schools.
  • 100% of students demonstrated knowledge of a new subject area upon completion of the program.
  • 95% of parent/guardians noted improvement in their child’s behavior upon completion of the program.
  • 99% of students receive daily exercise. Please note that one high school senior female cannot participate in exercise.
  • 22,657 healthy snacks and meals were served to Jubilee’s children.