Congratulations to Christian, the winner of Jubilee’s “What Jubilee Means To Me” Essay Contest! Christian won a new bike and helmet as his 1st Place prize!

What Jubilee Means To Me

By: Christian T.

This is my story about Jubilee. The reason that Jubilee is a good place is because you can come here and do your work from school. Another reason is that you can come here and see your friends and play with them. The things that you can do at Jubilee is play basketball, football, and lots of more fun things. When you come here if you don’t have all your homework caught up the staff will help you. The staff is really good here and they are nice they will help you with anything you just gotta ask. When you come here to you sign in and they give you a snack. There is just so many things you can do here and if you want to tell your friends and try to get more people to come here. Even if you are a grown up you can come here and play basketball or you can try and get a job here or you can come here to work out. And sometimes on Saturday they will have people come here and do activities and you can do them. When you come here on a school day and you finish your work you can go and play in the computer lab and play on roblox. And if some kids have a bad family life they can go there so they can get way from the world around them and have some peace and quiet by their self or play with their friends or just to play some sports or even come to workout. If you are a teen and go they have this one thing beside Jubilee and they can help you get a job and you will the making money and have money to do things. If you go to Jubilee on Tuesday and Thursday they have basketball games for the kids that play basketball. And if you don’t play basketball they will let you play and then you can join the team. There should be more places in communities like Jubilee. The help kids stay our of trouble and depending on how old you are you can try and get a job at Jubilee. Jubilee can have a very positive impact on your environment which could make the environment have a positive reputation on the environment. Causing more people to come and possibly help out with community service. If people in your community help pick up trash if can automatically make the neighborhood look better. Jubilee gets more people involved and caring about what and where they live. Jubilee is a safe place where you can go if you need to talk to someone. They can help you with school work if you need to bring certain class grades up. Just bringing a grade up for a class can have a student wanting to keep their score up in all of their classes. I just feel like Jubilee is a great place for kids to grow and understand life a lot more than what they could. Especially for youth and little kids.


Essay Contest Winner Christian with Jubilee Athletic Director Frisco Sandidge and Jubilee Program Director Antonio Davis, Sr.

Jubilee was founded in 1999 in response to the community’s overwhelming need for a program that would target at-risk youth and offer them programs and services to help develop their academic and social skills. Every day Jubilee programs and volunteers are leading young people into futures filled with hopes and goals. They are loved, tutored, mentored, challenged, and motivated as they strive to overcome many obstacles.

The Jubilee Concept works. It focuses on each child – assessing their needs and providing programs to meet their needs. It teaches children to do for themselves helping them rise above difficult odds and impossible circumstances and temptations. Jubilee’s presence in this community has made a remarkable difference as it strikes out against the destruction of our children. As Jubilee supports and teaches families to become self-sufficient, reliable, successful members of society, everyone benefits!