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The Astronaut Leland Melvin STEM Center will offer structured skill-building activities, addressing the problem of unemployment and underemployment in Lynchburg by expanding the shrinking local pool of skilled labor. It is designed to move young participants from academic training and career planning to certified manual programs in areas such as auto and machine trades, construction and building trades, graphics, and commercial printing, as well as opportunities in health fields, including nursing and dentistry. Students who successfully complete one or more of these training programs can continue their education at Central Virginia Community College, or find permanent employment in their field of study.

STEM programs and projects are already implemented daily for Jubilee’s youth through the Youth Educational Support (YES) Program. The goals of the program are to strengthen areas of academic weakness, promote excellence in areas where students have demonstrated academic strength, and assist students in preparing for and passing the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) exams. As people strive to meet the demand of today’s competitive job market  – and the increasing number of jobs focused on health, technology, engineering, and science – Jubilee has expanded hands-on opportunities for youth within our computer lab and grade-appropriate science and technology kits. Jubilee’s Summer Enrichment Camp includes a STEM Summer Academy. For youth, Jubilee anticipates the addition of the Astronaut Leland Melvin STEM Center will help provide a solid foundation in STEM principles and generate greater interest in high-demand science and technology-based career fields. Jubilee has already witnessed tremendous improvement in mathematics coursework among the children who participate in the YES Program, and anticipates increased levels of improvement and interest.

The Astronaut Leland Melvin STEM Center will also build on job training opportunities available to adults by providing hands-on instruction in machining, welding, and computer networking/repair. The training and instruction offered in the STEM Center will pave the way for more advanced skills development programs at institutions of higher learning and facilitate access to paid internships and/or entry-level positions of employment. Jubilee’s staff is working with educators at Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) regarding the training opportunities available to ensure that STEM Center instruction lays the groundwork for advanced skills development. One of the main goals of the Astronaut Leland Melvin STEM Center is for Jubilee to serve as a CVCC Satellite site for those that are not able to attend or feel intimidated by attending classes on a college campus.